MEGA-DRIVE Vacuum Pull Rolls

In the production of photographic quality coatings, a positive, precise control of web tension and speed are essential for today's market. Costly problems occur when scratches, web distortion, disruption of delicate coatings or ultimately a stopped line are caused by a vacuum pull roll that is not up to the standard of quality of your product.


Over 30 years of engineering experience went into the development of the MEGA-DRIVE Vacuum Pull Roll. Our MEGA-DRIVES are not "off the shelf", but are designed to fit your specific application. Varied vacuum arc, adjustable vacuum width, choice of construction materials and a T.I.R. down to 0.001" are just some of the many custom features available.


The MEGA-DRIVE is the first vacuum pull roll to incorporate a unique system that allows the customer to have a smooth, ultra-fine, seamless, nickel screen in contact with their web. This sleeve is drum tight and customer replaceable on site. Our screen system is especially important to customers running "dirty" webs, such as magnetic tape.


The innovative non-contacting internal seal allows for high web transport speeds without seal wear, while providing low vacuum requirements. The special design of the MEGA-DRIVE'S seal produces less than 70 dBA of sound pressure when operating. Unlike other vacuum pull rolls you won't hear that high pitched whine.


Each MEGA-DRIVE is dynamically balanced to rigid specifications to prolong bearing life and allow higher transport speeds for today's demanding market. Lubrication formulated from aerospace research is used in the MEGA-DRIVE'S bearings and further increases their life to provide our customers with years of trouble free operation in the most sophisticated coating equipment in use today.


Along with all these features MEGA-DRIVES have proven themselves in some of the harshest environments while continuing to maintain accurate and delicate web control. Applications include the production of ultra thin film coatings, pressure sensitive papers, decorative products, adhesive tapes and magnetic tapes. MEGA-DRIVES provide the ideal tension isolation and control point ahead of floater ovens and can be used at any other location where nips are not possible nor desired.


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