Imaging Products

One of  MEGA's strong points is the ability to design around a customer's concept or a proven theory, and nothing illustrates this strength as much as our catalog of imaging related products. Throughout our company's history we have been involved in varying fields from film processing and microfilm to color proofing and digital printing. This is a wide spectrum to cover, but we have been able to cover it through our innovative ability and experience.

Originally we began our custom engineering field with film processors and microwave equipment. The 105 Film Processor we manufactured gave way for specialized silver-halide film related products such as high speed microfilm and microfiche cutters, as well as high speed microfilm cameras. Along with high speed film handling, MEGA also developed ways to handle paper at higher speeds. The Microwave Edge Dryer was created by MEGA along with Microwave Moisture Sensing to speed up the production of perforated form manufacturing while using our web handling equipment.

With the advent of high speed photocopying, MEGA began to focus its abilities towards powder and liquid toner applications utilizing electrophotographic imaging substrates. We have been involved with many companies in developing test equipment and prototypes for research as well as manufacturing. We have not only developed this technology around photocopying but have also utilized it for color proofing, printing plate manufacturing and archival microfilming. The advantage of using a electrophotographic substrate and toner system for archiving is a higher resolution and more importantly a non-degrading film.

The next logical step for MEGA was to branch off into the digital printing field. Our main focus has been in conceptual development and test systems along with inking systems and applications. We have found our experience of 30 years in the imaging area a great asset in bringing forth new technology. The technology may be new, but the skills required to develop it remain the same as the ones we already possess.

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