MEGA-Scan Ultra Precision Measurement and Positioning


 As technology moves forward, an ever increasing need to measure smaller distances becomes more important in the everyday world of manufacturing, research and development.  What would have been unheard of 10 or 20 years ago is a regular occurrence when it comes to coating thickness, variance and density.  The two major obstacles to overcome are the ability to take an accurate measurement and the environment it is taken in.  MEGA-Scan does it.

MEGA-Scan Ultra Precision Measurement and Positioning Systems incorporate ordinary white light and the means to measure its wavelength.  Simply put,  focus a thin cone of  light containing the visible spectrum, place an object within this spectrum and the specific wavelength at which that object is placed is reflected.  Measure the wavelength and you know the objects position within the spectrum with  NANOMETER accuracy.

The MEGA-Scan Sensor is suitable for any application that requires a measurement without coming in contact with the object.  The sensor only requires a single fiber optic cable to be connect to it, no electricity or other wires are needed.  This fiber optic cable is then connected to a remotely located control box for measurement taking.  Since it only uses white light sent to it from the control box it is TOTALLY INTRINSICALLY SAFE.  

Being totally intrinsically safe is one of the more important features of our system because if finally allows non-contact coating gap readings to be taken as the coating process is happening in what could be a potentially explosive atmosphere.  Since these readings are taken "live" they can now be correlated to other parameters in the overall coating process as it happens.  Coating thickness can now be adjusted on the fly without the need to stop the line, get out mechanical gages and wait for 50 feet of product to be processed to see if your gap was right.  The MEGA-Scan solves this problem.

The MEGA-Scan System's high accuracy is achieved because measurements are taken against a constant reference point, such as a backing roller supporting the film being coated.  The MEGA-Scan system is calibrated against this reference point to create a closed circuit for measuring.  With differential thread positioning of a coating head, sub-micron positioning is accomplished and remotely displayed in the coating room as it happens.

The MEGA-Scan's optical sensor is encased in a solid stainless steel housing that not only protects the sensor from a harsh environment but makes it impervious to mechanical damage.  The fiber optic cable is also sealed and mechanically protected from the surroundings.  Whether the MEGA-Scan system is a retro fit or is custom designed and manufactured by Mega for your application, you know it is built to last.   

The MEGA-Scan system can be custom engineered to suit you specific application.  Any type of non-contact measurement can be taken whether for positioning, surface contouring and, given the compatibility of a material, density readings.  This system is also adaptable to the ACP-450 we produce.  Measurements taken can be processed by a PC and our custom software, made available to your network, stored, remotely accessed or displayed.  We design to suit our customer and are innovative in our approach for their specific application.

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