MEGA-BAR Air and Liquid Rolls

Whether for surface sensitive webs, thin or heavy web material, drying applications or chemical processes, MEGA-BAR Non-Contact Rolls are the industry standard.


All MEGA-BARS are manufactured with full web width slot patterns. Full width slot feed produces an even edge of air or liquid support cushion between the stationary MEGA-BAR and the web material. This equal thickness support cushion prevents ridges, creases and stretch marks on the web. Since the thickness of the cushion can be adjusted from 1/16" to 1/2", the MEGA-BAR can handle a full range of web materials. Included web types are thin plastic films, magnetic tapes, photographic films, paper, metallized film as well as heavier gage stock. With a nominal, firm 1/4" support cushion, the web material cannot contact the surface of the MEGA-BAR due to variations in either the tension of the web or the supply of air or liquid to the roll.


While addressing a wide range of web materials, MEGA-BARS can also handle a variety of process configurations. When 180/45 MEGA-BARS are used in tandem, they form the MEGA-BAR Web Inverter. Our inverters have the capability to invert webs from coated side up to coated side down with "Non-Contact". They also change the direction of the web after inverting if required.


In chemical processing equipment, the use of liquid MEGA-BARS can reduce production time and increase process efficiency, as well as eliminate web distortion or mechanical damage due to equipment contact. In addition, in some applications, the dynamic circulation of the process chemistry through the MEGA-BAR provides a more even and active chemical distribution. In heated air operation, MEGA-BARS not only handle delicate webs but increase speed and uniformity of drying.


MEGA-BARS are manufactured from materials selected for your individual application. With a choice of roll diameters, web widths, wrap angles and input manifold positioning, we ensure our air or liquid rolls match your process configuration perfectly.


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